Evaporative Air Cooler 220V Portable Fan Conditioner Cooling Air Purifiers Remote Conditioner


Specification : Evaporative Air Cooler 220V Portable Fan Conditioner Cooling Air Purifiers Remote Conditioner Features :  Plant fiber ice curtain:Natural environmental protection, large amount of water absorption, better air cooling and cooling performance.  Third wind gear adjustment:All direction cooling. Three types of wind:General wind---Boot default mode, Sleep wind---Designed for sleep, Natural wind---Smart conversion wind speed.  High-density ice crystals lastingly cool:High-strength and low-temperature resistant material, with featurs of cold storage, fast cooling, and slow release,etc.  Good sealing, no leakage, no toxicity. With a large amount of cold storage, it is widely used in refrigerators, freezers, and medicines for cold storage and cold storage.  Widely used with air-conditioning fans. Mainly used for cooling and cooling of air-conditioning fans.  Negative ions have a very important influence on the life activities of the human body and other organisms. When people enter the area with a large amount of negative ions, they will feel fresh, refreshed and refreshed. Very beneficial to human health.  Long timing:7.5 hours Long timing, you can sleep restful.  Large capacity water tank:3.5L capacity, the normal use will not let the water tank left water but more efficient on humidify and purify the air.  Good material motor designed mute and closed type,more duarble to use--can live 10 years in normal use. Specification : Model YS-46 Color White and Green Voltage 220V Power 60W Frequency 50Hz Control Way Remote Control Capacity 3.5L Weight 5.188kg Size 250  285  570mm Use method :  Place the ice crystal box in the freezer of the refrigerator and freeze it for more than 4 hours. If the freezer has enough space, it can be kept in the refrigerator when not in use.  Place the frozen ice crystal box in the water tank after the air-conditioner fan is filled with water. It is recommended that the volume ratio of the water volume to the ice box be 1: 1.  Air-conditioning fan starts and cools,thus you can enjoy a cool summer. Package Includes : 1x air cooling conditioner 1x controller 4x wheels 5x ice box